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Background When one of Europe’s manufacturers of heat pumps expressed an interest in using our coils for their products, we were understandably excited about the opportunity.
Problem The client used heat exchangers with Fin geometry 25.4 x 19.05 using 5/16” tube diameter. VRcooler did not have tooling to manufacture this geometry. A further challenge was that the fin spacing given was very narrow.
Solutions But rising to the task at hand, the engineering team devised clever designs that addressed all the problems while staying within the constraints. We redesigned and re–engineered the heat exchangers with an VRcooler geometry, taking care to ensure that the overall size was still the same, even though we were using fins of a different size 25.4 x 15.875 x 5/16”.
We utilized the window Fin design for the project. When tested by the clients, the new improved design was found to have 2 ~ 4% higher capacity, and also showed a reduced air pressure drop. The window fin also had a lower fin width than the design that the client was then using, thus leading to lower energy costs.
Needless to say, the client was pleased with the new coils and we are now one of their major suppliers.


Our Customer, a kitchen appliance manufacturer in USA, approached us to develop fractional Hp

(horse power) air cooled condensers for their condensing units.


VRcooler designed these fractional Hp mini air cooled condensers for their 1/5 to 1/3 Hp condensing unit

applications. The air cooled condenser consisted of condenser coil, fan blade, motor, motor mounting

arrangement and the shroud. Two models were designed. A 2 row condenser coil for 1/5 Hp condensing

units and a 3 row condenser coil suitable for 1/4 and 1/3 Hp condensing units 

Special Feature: 
The motors and condenser coils selected were UL recognized

With the special grill guard and bracket design, there were many options provided. 

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