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  • Stainless steel tube aluminum fin coil for IQF freezer, with varied fin space
  • Carbon steel tube coil for Low temperature frozen and blast freezing
  • Titanium tube titanium fin coil for Offshore industry
  • Stainless steel Air Coolers for industrial refrigeration applications
  • Blast Freezer evaporator units have been designed to match the requirements of compact blast freezing systems.
  • Unit coolers offer refrigeration system designers a low capacity air cooler which can be applied in a wide range of applications.
  • DX ammonia evaporator system with smart hot gas defrost, anti-microbial fin materials and coil construction
  • Carbon steel, galvanized steel heat exchanger coils that are used in cooking, chilling, and freezing applications.
  • Baudelot Coolers are used in industrial applications for chilling a liquid to near it's freezing point.

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